Control de Calidad de Concreto en EXCELControl de Calidad de Concreto en EXCEL

Concrete Quality Control in EXCEL

Concrete Quality Control in EXCEL

As is known, concrete is a hardened mass of heterogeneous materials and its properties are subject to a large number of variables, which depend on the materials that constitute it and on the production, transportation and placement procedures of the concrete.

For this reason, it is very important to prepare and comply with a quality control plan for the concrete and its component materials, in order to be able to predict the properties of the concrete in its hardened state and guarantee that the specifications are met ( needs) previously defined at the lowest possible cost.

Quality control can be defined as the set of operations and decisions that are taken with the purpose of fulfilling the object of a contract and in a certain way verifying compliance with the requirements, for this the procedures that have to do with with the Colombian Technical Standards and with the Seismic Resistant Code (NSR 98).

There is a specific aspect of concrete, which distinguishes it from other manufactured products, and that is that the main parameter to define its quality is compressive strength, which has been established at 28 days of age, which constitutes a inconvenient for control, because in the waiting time to obtain this result, the works continue their normal course and the data obtained regarding the resistance of the concrete will be extemporaneous.

For this reason, quality control must be preventive and not curative in nature, and therefore it should not be limited only to verifying the properties in the hardened state, but also different characteristics in the fresh state, such as settlement, weight unit, air content, setting times and temperature, which allow anticipating the properties of concrete in the hardened state.


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